Friday, 19 March 2010

SECRETS, secrets

Sometimes you come across something so mysterious that it feels like it's just your brain playing tricks on you to turn you into a paranoid wreck. Paranoid like Mel Gibson. I got this e-mail off a band called Admiral Radley promoting their up-and-coming gigs around the U.S of A. Now the mysterious thing about AR is that they haven't even got a Myspace account. Hot damn. In this day and age I say! All there is is a website and a twitter account. Now via some internet snooping I found out that AR consists of members of Grandaddy and Earlimart and they sound roughly like this:

Now say what you say, but Grandaddy/ Jason Lytle are/is mega. (Not in the way Liam Gallagher means mega, but in the way I mean mega)

Yes, that song was on the soundtrack to 28 days later, which makes both movie and song just that much better.

Earlimart's 'We Drink on the Job' is also a rather fine tune. So here goes.

Well anyway. Maybe one day Admiral Radley might release some songs that us normal folk can listen to on here internet-world.

Here's to the weekend.

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