Saturday, 27 February 2010


I'd like to use this moment to thank for listening to my music requests and updating their songs available for their digital music jukebox located "in my office"

I remember when working in an Irish bar used to be all about listening to The Pogues and The Dubliners all night long with perhaps some Ronan Keating thrown in the mix.

Sometimes the odd person would come up to bar requesting "Irish music"
When I asked them "like what?"
"Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly"
I feel like telling these people to "fuck-right-off-'cos-your-twisting-my-melon, man"
They are American bands (with members being of Irish decent and even a few born Irishmen) playing celtic punk. Just because they've got a fucking fiddle doesn't make it irish music.

Hell, check out the first ten seconds of this.
Even though I'm not overly fond of them, I wouldn't go as far as calling The Sounds "A bunch of Swiss cattle shepherds" just because they use a cowbell.

These days however, because of the request function, I'm just as bad and probably a lot worse than the aforementioned types. It's obviously been much more authentic to drink your pint of Guinness whilst sat there listening to my "Mega-Irish-playlist-to-get-me-through-the-night"

I offer my apologies to the people whom my taste in music offends.
But in all honesty. I think we play some damn hot tunes.
So HA!

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