Monday, 8 March 2010

Monday is the day of the woman

Yeah happy "international women's day" everyone

What did you do?
I for one bought the entirety of womankind "fucking loads" of flowers.

I once even heard that some women like music?

If so then here's my embedded gift for the femalefolk (shit it's even got a flower in it's title):
(because I didn't actually get anyone "fucking loads" of flowers)

While I'm on the subject of pretending to know anything about romance/women here's one of my ultimate favourite "walking down a street or doing something else super romantic with my bitch" tunes.

Now call me a freak and hit me with something heavy, but I think "ye olde music" is perfect for being all smoocheywoochey. I'm talking past the 80's, past the 70's, hell, sometimes even past the 60's.

It is statistically more likely to be born a male than a female, so I congratulate you women on being born the way you are. You do indeed deserve all the last minute petrol station flowers and all those yummy chocolates that he/she hand picked for you.

It's days like these that I wish I was a woman
It's days like tomorrow that I think "What the hell's wrong with you man, get a grip and stop wearing your mum's cardigan"

Erm. ok. I'm gonna go now
Love all of you!

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