Thursday, 18 March 2010


If you don't happen to live inside a fortress made of granite and diamonds and cookie dough and early-20th-century sloops and bricks, you might have heard that yesterday was St. Patrick's day.

This day is celebrated all over the world because this feller called Patrick had to carry this magical invisibility ring into a mountain range with big fiery crazy-eyes on top on the mountains. The mountain range was full of really ugly people who'd got really angry about being really ugly so they started having a bit of a go at the world. Patrick had to stop this by taking his super ring there and melting it in an oven (obviously). Anyway Patrick got there with the help of various tall and short people and had to fight this mega-big dragon because the dragon was sitting on top of something important. Possibly a nuclear weapon or something of the sort. So he defeated the dragon (could have been called Megatron) and melted his magical jewellery and saved the world. yay. Now people everywhere rejoice annually and drink lots of Guinness and Jamesons, because these two companies sponsored all his mountain-climbing gear.

Because Patrick was Irish, I'm going to celebrate his merits by writing about this Irish act called Villagers.

Villagers is a band in the sense that it's one guy called Conor O'Brien and some of his mates making lovely music that sounds a bit like Josh Rouse, had Josh not been living in all the sunny parts of the world and tried not to be so cheery all the time (okay, there are of course some exceptions).
Villagers are set to release their debut album 'Becoming a Jackal' in May on Domino Records, which should mean that it's going to be very good ya.
(tip-top albums already released this year on Domino: Four Tet, These New Puritans, Owen Pallett... So you know they know what they're doing)

Here's Conor playing his guitar in the bogs.

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