Thursday, 4 March 2010


Got my taste of "city life" yesterday.
My day trip to Helsinki was good. Helsinki was kind to me.
Yesterday was of course Florence + the Machine at Tavastia.
I'm thoroughly entertained for the time being.

Supporting act 'Sian Alice Group' had to cancel their slot so Anastacia Mouna was brought in to support for the whole duration of three songs. Those three songs being the exact ones found on Myspace.
Mind you the length of the set didn't really matter seeing as she was the smiliest person you'll ever see + yesterday was her birthday making her even bubblier and smilier than she's possibly ever been.

Enter Florence + the Machine:
Flo' herself is dressed in a fabulous (green?) gown/bathrobe, inspiring comments such as "ooh, doesn't she look like a fairy?" from one of my pop-concert-viewing-companions. I suppose she sort of did, but the thing that sprang to mind was her looking like a (ginger) redhead Noel Fielding. I DON'T MEAN THIS AS A BAD THING. I mean there was even talk of a cape being bought from UFF

Florence in a cape? Noel in a cape?
Now all I'm saying is that I've never seen both of them in the same room together.

If it wasn't yet obvious that Flo has an amazing voice, then it became very in-your-face obvious seeing her live, because so much of the gig relied on her vocals. And hear me out: They were absolutely scorching. Flo was definitely pulling the strings last night. Instructing band members when and what to do with dictator-like authority. Quite impressive. What else was impressive was the harp. Now who even plays the harp in this day and age?
It was quite a bit spine-tingling when the fella playing it started proper arpeggiating. Crickey!

The set itself was quite unsurprising. Just songs from 'Lungs'
but that's all good.

Hmm yeah, well I had a good time.
Cheers flo. Maybe see you again at Ruisrock

Here's Boy 8-Bit's reworking of same song. a bit speeded up. Still nice though

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