Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Sometimes so many great things seem to happen simultaneously leaving you feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation. Without going into further details about my personal life i'll just throw it aside and point out probably the most hauntingly beautiful set of songs I've heard this year.

As-of-so-far unsigned Liverpool band Bagheera have completely swept me off my feet with their 4 song EP 'Hollow Home'

Now instead of comparing these guys to any other artists, like has been done elsewhere on t'web I'm just going to compare them to all the amazing shit in my head that I'd imagine to sound amazing, if I knew what amazing were to sound like.
Make any sense? Probably not, but that's good because I am myself confounded as to how 'Skeleton Leaf' has possibly become my favourite song in quite some time.

Bagheera - Skeleton Leaf

Whereas 'Skeleton leaf' has the soaring vocals and spine-tingling harmonies, 'Old Machine' has the pounding beat that seems straight out of the theme tune to 'Survivor', but you know in that kind of good way. Like when survivor was still original.

Bagheera were supposed to be supporting The xx but unfortunately that fell through "at the last minute".

Now that would have been a double billing that I'd have loved to have witnessed.

Alas I'm here in Finland where I doubt either band will ever find their way to.


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