Sunday, 7 March 2010

The High Wire

As far as new albums go, few will evoke such laid-back chilled feelings of dreamy serenity as The High Wire's debut 'The Sleep Tape'.

This has been the perfect soundtrack of late seeing as the sun has come out giving everything that springtime feel. YES! I even went out for an ice cream the other day. One of those "authentic" Italian gelato's, and that's the true measurement of the hope of winters transition into spring.

Back in 2008 Londoners The High Wire were supporting Coldplay and have come along in leaps and bounds since then. They have now made a name for themselves and backed that name up with this stunning album. If there's only one thing you do whilst on here, make sure it's that you listen to 'The Midnight Bell'.

Tunes available for embedding were hard to come by on youtube but here's another cracking one.

'The Sleep Tape' is out tomorrow and judging by my megaexpert opinion that came from me listening to it, it is a cracker. Definitely something to rival fellow shoegazers.

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