Friday, 5 March 2010

friday: back to some new stuff


Florence is now but a distant memory so it's time to turn to my sluggish gaze towards the new shit.

First up is a band you can call Foals. I loved everything about their debut 'Antidotes' especially the drumming which was so precise and intricate that I knew I could never even dream of pulling it off with my co-ordination that would resemble Theseus trapped in Minos's labyrinth had he been blind and ball-of-string-less.

This is new song 'Spanish Sahara' which is a very slow-burning return for Yannis et al. but when it all comes together at about 4½ minutes it becomes a welcome return to the spotlight. (albeit with a slightly disappointing beat, oh well you can't have everything...)

next up is New Young Pony Club who have the follow-up to 'Fantastic Playroom' already out.
Here's 'Chaos' off said new album 'The Optimist' Thanks J-rule for the heads up on this

Ah and the cream of this crop? The duo from my 2nd home (Brighton), who are Blood Red Shoes and who some might describe as a better 'The Kills' than 'The Kills' have come out with their new record called 'Fire Like This' and, from what i've been hearing, it's rather good.
Try new song 'Colours fade' sounding very "Sonic Youth-ey"

Here's "everyones" favourite 'BRS' tune.

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