Saturday, 27 March 2010


Everything I listen to these days seems to be caught up in reverb-laden guitar and synth effects and generally rather lazy, relaxed or just plain echoed-the-fuck-out drums.

No exception to this then here tonight folks...

First of all I want to write about and share some of Dunian.

Now from what I've gathered Dunian is a Latvian producer who doesn't go in the bushes. I'd love to be able to say more about who/what/where/how? but frankly, with the info he's giving out, detailing anyone on this subject is a wee tad difficult. I mean, if you look at his pictures, the man hasn't even got a head. Anyhow, what I can say is that the tunes that I've heard of his are mighty tasty.

Very "Chill-wave" (Annoys me how often I say that, like I can't think of a different term to describe stuff) and 'Love to Match' invokes memories of listening to Burial's album for the first time. Bliss.


Memoryhouse are just as relaxing if not more than the aforementioned Dunian. With beautiful echoed vocals and soaring synth-lines Memoryhouse sound as though they're about to take you on a day-trip to that cosmic unicorn playpen that you've always dreamed about as a child while watching national geographic documentaries about unicorns.

They do draw comparisons to other female-lead acts. Beach House springs to mind too. Drawing comparisons is one thing but carrying those comparisons well is another. Memoryhouse do this with their head well above the surface.

Go to their Myspace to download the 'This Years' EP for nada.


Finally today is Bathcrones. Slightly more up-tempo than the other two acts today, but whether that's a good or bad thing in your opinion Bathcrones should bring some smiles (not in the laughing way).
Be it the miami-drums on 'Vineyard of the Sea' or the 80's movie sountrack feel to 'Glaslyn Rains' that makes me suddenly feel nostalgic for a period of time that I was hardly even born in.
You can download a couple of songs here from their label BEKO. I suggest trying out some of the other stuff found on there too, because it ain't half bad.

Bathcrones - Vineyard of the Sea

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