Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Paradise Vendors/ Italian Beach Babes


Whoah, that was a weekend and a bit! First game of our football season. Horribly embarrassing loss. Tears. lost my capability to walk for a few days. (who said stretching is for girls?)
I even did the unthinkable, that I've been laughing at friends for doing, ie. internet poker.
In the words of fictive US senator Clay Davis: "Aah Sheeee-it"

What I haven't done for a while is burden the blogosphere with more drivel.
Today's rant is about this very very cool band compilation split LP PVI006/IBB004 from Paradise Vendors inc. and Italian Beach Babes.

Featuring some ace "local" (Brighton) bands as well as some ace "further-away" bands, this LP has a great blend of some of the most interesting lo-fi noise-pop bands you might well have never heard of. [especially when living out here in the wilderness (Finland) like me]

Tracklisting goes like so:

Teen Sheikhs - 'Germs'
Mazes - 'A Metric Tower'
Plug - 'Fresh Pleasures'
Cold Pumas - 'Tropical Guilt'
The Human Race - 'Kicks'
Spectrals - 'It's very kind of you to put up with me'
Graffiti Island - "Perverse Savage'
Male Bonding - 'Carrying'
La La Vasquez - 'Don't Rush Me'
Fair Ohs - 'Christmas Tree'
Not Cool - 'Limbs are for Liars'

My personal faves have been Cold Pumas for a while now, sounding like a gruffier HEALTH on tracks like 'Jela' and 'Beat Mystery' , being muchos differentos from most of the bands on here comp' who've got a much more laid back surf-vibe.

The one man band Spectrals have a great sound to them which evidently translates rather well to live performances too. See here "one-man-band-with-some-other-guys-helping-out"

However the cream-of-the-crop, the Créme de la créme, are Fair Ohs. With a sound they themselves describe as "Paul Simon but... you know... punk."
Here's their track called 'Almost Island'. It's very good with it's tropical rythm that brings to mind a certain Abe Vigoda

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