Friday, 26 March 2010

Low Sea

Sometimes I go to painstaking lengths to find music that appeals to my readers (ie. my mum & me), but thankfully sometimes it just presents itself to me all nicely wrapped in a sort of Christmas/Birthday/Name Day present. A few years back I didn't use to have a day for my name, which pissed me right off. Nowadays I'm not sure if I do, because I just scoff in the face of Name Day.

Back to what I was supposed to write about... Low Sea!

Low Sea are a duo from Galway (That's Ireland for you ignorants) who play some rather claustrophobic gazey-gazey music. It sounds dark and hypnotic. Exactly the opposite of what one would hope for now come almost spring-time. However, forget spring-time because this is sort of like 'shut curtains and turn lights off' music to vigourously nod ones head to.

A lot.

Or you could just bask in the wave of sound flowing over you like you're back on that beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, but instead of a head leo's got a drum machine and various synths, and instead of All Saints playing the main theme, you've got My Bloody Valentine doing it

Low Sea have just released their album 'Las Olas' on Lefse Records, home to the likes of Neon Indian and Tape Deck Mountain.

I thought I'd share some of their video's.

On a totally different note, These New Puritans released a video for their newest "single" 'Attack Music' today:

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