Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Swedes indeed


Today's post is my tribute to Sweden.

Oh Sweden! Oh Sweden! How thy fair haired land maketh thy neighbours jealous of thy music scene. Yes, we've been treated to the likes of Abba, The Cardigans, Roxette. Let us not forget Europe and their entire discography (Final Countdown pt. 2 perhaps?)

These days it's still the same. Bands keep pouring out of Sweden and the world keeps going "Wow!"

Everyones favourite whistlers: Peter Bjorn and John
That blonde temptress: Lykke Li
Sudden rise to fame-ers: JJ

Today however isn't about any of those, because today is about these:

Sambassadeur who released their third album called 'European' just a bit ago.

Sambassadeur play genuinely uplifting popmusic that is simple but refreshing and very pleasing.


I read about Dag för Dag recently in Vice. They're a brother/sister duo who've been americanized to some extent and started a band in their 30's. Their late start to music isn't however audible in their songs. The debut album 'Boo' is already out and it's also on spotify for all of your pleasure

Described as Sonic Youthlike and having a similar sound to The Raveonettes, Dag för Dag are indeed something special you might want to give a listen to.

Here's my pick of the album:


And the last band I'm gonna write about today, just to not overflow the internet with my overlength drivel, are Wildbirds and Peacedrums.

Not because they have a new release coming out, but just becasue I'm rather fond of them. If anyone has been inside my head, then they are well aware of how much I love obscure, off-beat, tribal or just good drumming. This band offers me just that. Oh Yes. Well on most songs anyway. A lot are just plain good without having to hook me with drumming gimmicks. Like so:

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