Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tuesday again

hello. Just some miscellaneous words tonight.

I've grown a moustache and beard. Not because I've wanted to, but more because of a general lack of hygiene.

I'll describe what it looks like:

Moustache: The scraggliest and shittiest pipe cleaner you'll ever see in your life hopelessly glued to the area roughly between my nose 'n' mouth

Beard: Looks like a rabid rat/minging cat's furball went for my jugular but instead of finishing me off, it decided to pathetically cling on to my throat as to not fall the fatal 180something centimeters.

Anyway, while walking to school my facial hair got all frozen up with moisture and snot and shit. (not literal shit. I still have some standard of hygiene)
This was a new and intriguing feeling and completely enlightened me to a whole new level of the moustachio'd mans winter troubles.

Got to school and the labteacherman's phone goes off revealing this baby

This gets me thinking of what would be my supermegasoundtrack/themetuneringtone.
Would it be this?

or perchance?

Also a big fan of this:

Conducting a poll I found the female vote going towards:

Conducting a different poll I found humanity's vote going towards:

You maybe came here for "real-people-music-not-some-bullshit-soundtrack-shit"?

I'd love to comply so here's hotly tipped scottish band Midnight Lion for people who might like stuff like 'Frightened Rabbit', 'Ellie Goulding' or 'Hot Fuss-era Killers'

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