Thursday, 11 February 2010


I'm sat here writing this with my last ounce of energy.

For the past week I've had to wake up by 7 every single day.

Now what kind of self-respecting student does this kind of thing? What happened to the parties and waking up whenever? Getting up at 7 sounds like something adults might do.

Shit used to be proper easy you know. Have a few beers. Do a bit of a jive. Just simple.

So the last time I actually did go out 'n' "part-ey" I felt so bad the next day that I couldn't even be arsed to put trousers on when I went outside. I also thought I'd put the female species' fashion trend of going out in a pair of tights and a bit-of-a-bigger-shirt-so-that-it-half-covers-my-bum to the test. Well instead of tights I was wearing my 'Hägar the horrible' long johns and a my shirt was a wooly jumper that I'd nicked off my mum. So all in all some might say I was looking a bit hot/foolish/dickhead-ey/generic/hungover. This outfit got some funny reactions with my favourite being the awkward subjection to flirt from a big old teddy-bear of a flamboyant McDonalds cashier.

I went off the rails a little bit there, BUT back to whatever the hell I meant to be writing about. If I remember correctly... I went to my "other local record shop" yesterday just to do "the browsing thing" but obviously I'm always lying to myself.

Got myself Toro Y Moi's Causers of This on vinyl. There goes eating again. Bye bye food...
I've already said nice stuff about the Toro-man but if you haven't heard me before then here it is again: It's good. Listen and buy it man. 'nuff sed

But to my great surprise, when I was paying for my purchase I was given a free compilation CD called 'Indie Jones 4 ja kultainen 2000-luku' featuring some of the most talked about Finnish pop/rock/electro acts of the past few years.

Now I've never really been that into Finnish music, but I suppose I haven't ever given it a fair chance. Growing up in the countryside where Radio Nova was the radio station to listen to and Popeda/Leevi & the Leavings/Suurlähettiläät/Dingo were the dogs bollox put me off suomipop 4ever.

When I got home I put Indie Jones 4 on and, well it was good. My kid sisters fave Joose Keskitalo's murder ballad viisi tyttöä is just as good lyrically as something that Nick Cave would come up with.

Manna I saw live a while back and rather liked the energy. Oh and the songs.

Fell asleep during Astrid Swan but that shits ok 'cos I've even got her spartan picnic record and it's tight.

Wish I'd fallen asleep during Them Bird Things. Annoying and poop. I'm too tired to elaborate.



  1. Sorry to disappoint you but I wasn't all that impressed with Toro y Moi's album. I mean the record is ok and some of his tunes are actually quite good, but to me Toro y Moi seems overhyped.
    I dunno, maybe I'll come around eventually and give the man a break.

  2. Shit bro, I'm rubbish at spotting these comments! The hype is deffo there yeah, but I'm going so far as to say maybe even summer-defining. Some of it (Thanks Vision) is what I'm expecting from the (hopefully still) up and coming Avalanches record. Especially the bit at the end of it where it sounds like a frenchman saying "sailor-love" Ha just the image of sailorlove is enough to like the album!


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