Sunday, 21 February 2010

[insert title here] pt.2


just a quick post to celebrate the release of Holly Miranda's record 'The Magicians Private Library'

I've been recently having a female "singer/songwriter" renaissance. Catching up with the old favourite's of mine whilst I was growing up in a village unforgiving for having a different taste in music/clothes/garlic bread/crumpets/mopeds/Super Furry Animals.

From this resurgence of "skirt-singers" has emerged a huge new love for Holly Miranda. This damsel from the US of A released album 'The Magicians Private Library' a few days ago. Quite a bit of the album is on myspace for your ears only

Here's Holly's own blog and the first thing you could do is listen to the 'Sleep on Fire' EP found there. The Magicians Private Library

That's enough from me now.


  1. Also available for preliminary listen here:

    I listened the album through a couple of nights ago and loved it :)
    I thought its release date wasn't until next Tuesday?

  2. indeed my good sieur, thoust are correctamundo. I was of course just rushing my pants off in anticipation.


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