Friday, 26 February 2010


In a nutshell, today has been fucking awesome!

Bachelors' dissertation: handed in
Bachelors' presentation: given

So now I've done it, boom-boom-shake-shake-the-room.

What do I do when I'm mega-relieved and super happy?
Yes, that's right. Listen to tango-electronica. More specifically? Gotan Project.

Whoah there! I here you say. GP haven't done anything worth mentioning in ages.
Well for all of you doubters, read here from the mouth of the horse album #3 called 'Tango 3.0' is set for release in April.

Now if somehow you've never heard of Gotan Project before, they are a few French blokes who thought it sounded good to blend the sonic world of Argentinian tango with up-to-date modern beats. They were bang on correct, because it does sound shit hot. But why should I tell you about them because I found perfectly good video to do it.

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything new other than 'La Gloria' on Myspace so I'll just put up a few videos of old stuff that I could listen to forever.

Here's Época. This must be familiar to everyone, because without being able to put my finger on exactly where, it has been used somewhere maybe on TV or whatever.

Last Tango in Paris done a bit live. Love the violin-plucking. Ooh that's reminded me to get tickets to see Owen Pallett again!

y La Viguela

Adios y buen fin de semana

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