Wednesday, 24 February 2010

back in day

I remember a time when living and going out in Turku caused a slight verbal predicament.

Back in day, you know there used to be a sweaty olde nightclub going about calling itself 'The Club'. Now this place was frequented by, rather unbeknown to me, the "elite-of-the-underaged-kids-and-people-who-just-honestly-wanna-shake-dat-ass-to-whatever-Justin-Timberlake-has-last-released"

Then there was Klubi. The place for the perhaps slighty alternative-minded get-down-go-downs.

Whenever asked "what y'all might be getting up to tonight?" my response might be "Klubi".
Obviously stating the name of the establishment was never enough as this brought on further laughing/speculation in the form of either "HAHAHA" OR "wow, cool I didn't think you were Justin Timberlake/Pussycat Dolls type. See ya there and we'll have some hot-shots together"
So a specification was needed: "Klubi but not The Club-Klubi"

Living is much easier now that 'The Club' has faded into distant memories. Much less words are required to explain what I might be up to tonight.

Tonight in fact I am going to Klubi to witness the ongoing 'Viva-tour' featuring Finnish acts 'Joensuu 1685', 'Zebra & Snake' and German geezer 'Norman Palm'

Ok se Norman Palm is new to me but listen to this and enjoy, for it is actually a very good collab with Le Corps Mince De Francoise

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