Monday, 15 February 2010

Happy belated valentines day

Yeah to happy days to each and all!

If you got down with your other half/halves(parts? quarters? How would that saying work for polygamous relaish's?) then I hope you had a cool time. And even if you hate the whole blown-out-of-proportion commercial aspect of "lovers day" surely a nice thoughtful gesture from your loved one/random internet acquaintance/last minute saturday one night stand would be sure to at raise at least a half-smile? No?

If you didn't get down with anyone, then I congratulate you for "sticking it to the man"

Valentines day yesterday was the day I spontaneously remembered how good Joni Mitchell is. Just before falling asleep I realised the desperate need to hear 'California'. A bit like needing the loo well bad and making it before trouble-time, hearing Joni lullaby me to sleep was immensly satisfying!

On the subject of lovely stuff. If someone were to be proper old fashioned and had made me a v-day mixtape, then they could have done SO much worse than stuck some 'Young Republic' on it. With '12 tales from a winter city' being one of the best records I own/know I would've melted in your/anyones arms. Shit.

This post is about me getting nostalgic and a bit gooey-wooey so no banging electro tunes tonight.

Ah how many times did I drive home from a days work in the old factory listening to Amos whilst causing immeasurable pain to anyone on the road because I was trying to mimic his smooth croon. Crikey.

I could easily whip out some Damien or Jeff here but I opt for cheese and go with THIS:

Wow, I feel like I've gone back in time! WOAH!. Rather strange
Happy v+1-day everyone! Luvluvluv

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