Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Hidey ho.

I was supposed to write about something completely different tonight, but due to unforseen events I went to see Magenta Skycode.

Unlike every other student in the whole of Turku I decided not to go to some generic student party organised because Jesus once sledged down a hill and ate a bun. Instead of putting on my distinguishing overalls I put on whatever the hell I could be arsed to wear for a crazy long day at school coupled with an indie gig.

Of course me seeing Magenta dudes wasn't planned as such, but it turned out to be a sort of escape from going home and doing all the usual shit like sleeping and whatnot.

Yeah I had listened to a bit of "Skycode" before and heard all the hype from various "trustworthy" sources that: "Shit dawg, Magenta Skycode iz da shit-hottest shit y'all can find in Finland." Believing this I readily went. I mean come on it's tuesday night, what could be better than live music?

My "trustworthy hipster sources" were in fact right. It was rather good.

I arrived just in time to hear the first song with the female vocal harmony bits and that really built my hopes up. So so good. Their voices really did compliment each others incredibly. wow! The musical styles of the songs tended to vary quite radically I thought. One minute they had me thinking of a scandinavian Arcade fire with the melodies and accordion parts. (If you need to know what I mean by scandinavian check these out: Tribeca - Solitude, The Radio Dept. - Pulling Our Weight and Acid House Kings - Do What You Wanna Do) and the all of a sudden the next song sounds like something 'The Big Pink' could come out with. Mainly I thought because of Big Pinks tendency towards'industrial-esque' drumming courtesy of Akiko's (from Comanechi) beats. Albeit Magenta's cool beats were mostly pre-recorded and came from a computer. They still sounded good and got the hippies in front of me dancing.

Anyway. It seems Magenta Skycode are coming out with a new album soon, because they were playing quite a bit of new stuff and towards the end really letting their female singer (don't know who she is, sorry) loose. The last few songs of the set did in fact sound absolutely monumental, so here's waiting for the new album release.

This was one of the new ones.

Good Tuesday night if you ask me.

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