Saturday, 20 February 2010

[insert title here]

I went record shopping yesterday.
It was good.
Found some stuff too!

Wandering home from school I walked passed the shop of recorded audio and noticed Risto's 'Aurinko Aurinko Plaa Plaa Plaa' record on sale going for like a tenner or whatever. I thought "Give me some of that!"

Next I find a second hand copy of Fleetwood Mac's classic album 'Rumours'! That shit was well cheap. Honestly can't put a price on top-tunes or Stevie Nicks

With my last bit of money I invested in Architecture in Helsinki's 'Places Like This' for the simple reason of 'Heart it Races' being constantly stuck in my head. Check out it's video cos' it's got a bit of awesomeness to it.

So this was me taking a slight break from listening to new stuff and just having a breather with past records that I find inspiring and just a bit "shit-hot"


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