Monday, 8 February 2010

My oh my

My oh my indeed!

Once again the weekend has faded away to become another member of the numerous days of gone. Some weekends do this under the title of "several days I could have spent differently in infinitely better ways". Some weekends pretend to be good and fill you with false promises of endless joy and happiness but once they've gone, you instantly forget about that brief silly fling you had with a predetermined period of time.

However sometimes the weekend will slap you in the face with a bunch of shit-hot-ness

Anyone who's good at reading minds will of course know I'm talking about Saturday and Husky Rescue.

The live floor at Klubi was nearly empty when we got there which didn't bode well for the Huskies but thankfully even the people "round our way" found their way upstairs eventually.

The set leaned heavily towards 'Ship of light' material as one would expect on a tour promoting a new album. This was not a bad thing at all and it did really work as I didn't manage to hear anyone say anything bad about the gig. (OH except one girl, but that was mainly an attack on singer Reeta-Leena's personality)

May I just say that Reeta-Leena looked mighty foxy and I may have developed an unhealthy fancy for her. Well ok, she took turns looking foxy and looking like a crazed Sami shaman whilst shaking what could have been a percussion instrument, but quite easily could have just been a bunch of animal bones tied together with human hair.

What do I remember distinctly?

-City Lights being gorgeous.
-Sound of Love and We Shall Burn Bright being the sing-a-longs
-Beautiful My Monster's bass literally shaking the booties off of everyone
-They Are Coming sounding like a whistling 'Foals'. I well loved the math-rock-like drumming going on. The fact that 'DJ Goatboy' did in fact play some Foals before Husky came on was a nice touch.
-Almost ending the gig with Summertime Coyboy. Now that would have been the perfect end to the night but alas it was not to be. They still came back on for a second encore to play an accordionised version of Man of Stone. It was still good mind.

Now bring on the new week

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