Saturday, 6 February 2010


Long time no see!

But I'm back and I've been pondering. Pondering the origin of the name 'Brian Jonestown Massacre'

- Is there a town named after their local hero Brian Jones?
What did the great Brian Jones even do to make himself worthy of having an entire community in his honor? Maybe he's some kind of sports personality of the year
I could deffo live in Ryan Giggsville!

- Did this tragic massacre take place in the safe haven of Brian Jonestown? What does Brian Jones himself have to say about this? What was used to do the whole massacre-ing business? Does Ryan Giggs approve of massacres?


- Was some bloke named after a town called Brian Jonestown and
A) Mr. Jonestown did the massacre stuff?
B) Mr. Jonestown got massacred?

If A) then where did all the rage come from Brian? You could have popped on some Damien Rice and just chilled. But "NO" you have to go out on some kind of crazy killing spree.

If B) then what did Brian do to get horrible massacred? I'm not even going to speculate on this because as a person I don't really know Brian that well. However, "gang related" is all I'm saying.

If you had a town named after yourself, what entertainment/activities would you want it to have? I'd have a huge cookie factory. And one of those unicorn farms you see everywhere.

Yeah well whatever. Here's Let's go Fucking Mental

The BJM have got album numero 10 coming out on Feb 23.
It's called 'Who Killed Sgt. Pepper'

Tonight is Husky Rescue night! haha yeah whooh. Let's get it on!

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