Thursday, 18 February 2010

Cold War Kids

Something very good passed by me quite unnoticed quite recently.

It was the excellent Cold War Kids' new EP 'Behave Yourself' released maybe a month or so ago.

It follows up 2008 album 'Loyalty to Loyalty' with more top-notch tunes and more of Nathan Willett's tell-tale vocal style.

Now some people give 'Loyalty to Loyalty' shit saying the band went off the rails into a whole new direction of poo-ness after debut album 'Robbers & Cowards'. And to be fair 'Robbers & Cowards' was mighty good and obviously hard to follow up, but with tunes like this on "L2L" who even cared what the rest of the album sounded like?

'Behave yourself' is a bit of a pick and mix of CWK's best and most differentiated styles of musiqué. Rolling in at roughly 14 minutes it is a bit of a short indulgement but oh yes it's satisfying. 'Sermon' is exceptionally good as a piano driven cry for mercy. erm yeah.. enough of my meaningless words, here's 'Audience of One'


And just because I'm off to see Florence + the Machine in a bit, here's my old dear Flo covering the Cold War Kids' Hospital Beds

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