Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Young Montana?

Yes, Young Montana? are the shit.

Coming as a recommendation from my cousin-bro, and judging by his taste in music they were either going to be absolute shite, Linkor they were gonna be the kind of amazing banging sweet hot electro he's very much into. Young Montana? are very much the latter. Very much.

Cut-and-paste sampling and the sorts are what's going on here. All done in a silky smooth way, there's no room for any mis-beats or anything I like to call "wanking about". Pretty much everything on their new Limerence album sounds like it wouldn't have anywhere else to go other than exactly where it fits in on the new album.

Dem boys sent me their Solar Bears remix and it is sounding super special (actually checking my e-mail again it turns out it was Solar Bears who sent me the track so I guess I'm actually indebted to them now.)

Dream Valley (Young Montana? Rework) by Solar Bears

But then again I feel like if you haven't listened to Sacre Cool off of Young Montana?'s debut album Limerence you haven't listened to enough stuff this year. Is this just my opinion? Listen to it yrself.

As they may or may not say in the track: Ooh la la!

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