Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Bunch of Songs I'm Liking. Dig it

I had a bit of a scare on Friday, warming up before a football match. The sun was shining, the sweat was glistening on my sexy pale/translucent skin. Everything was beautiful and then I somehow lost my footing and landed with my leg twisted underneath me. My knee said "SNAP", I said "OW OW OW OW" then the doctor said "good news! Your leg hasn't fallen off."
Good news indeed! I may not be able to walk at the moment but I still have two legs! So I still look pretty normal when standing still. Aces!
I would just like to add that the famous philosopher who said: "It's Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Fun fun fun." was wrong. Friday wasn't fun. It was shit.

Anyway this gives me a great opportunity to go through what's hot, what's lukewarm (like green tea left to brew for the duration of a Jeff the Brotherhood album), and what's cold (like green tea left to brew for the duration of Schindler's List).

What's hot is the new Beirut track East Harlem. Their first bit of music since 2009, Beirut are back with the new 7" East Harlem/Goshen.

Beirut - East Harlem by Revolver USA

Also pretty darn nice is the new single from London dance pop trio Get People.
Well they're described as dance pop, but Away has got more like the 3 D's of dark, dubstep and Delphic written on it.


New Yoikers Jump into the Gospel start their new single 2012 off with a synth line that sounds like it's straight out of the dirty sequined loins of a wedding band's "keys virtuoso" but even still manage to turn it into a tasty dance number. There are some kind of Madchester-revival vibes flying about here and I'm loving it

2012 (New Single) by jumpintothegospel

What are teenagers good at? Good at making pavements slippery with bodily fluids? Good at mixing alcopops with beer with cider with wine with vodka to make super-cocktails? Good at making you feel bad about not having done anything with your life?

Well the teenagers of Edelweiss, are good at making wicked post-punk/post-rock/post-indie/post-yourmum tunes as their single Icarus proves. Skirting about the nether regions of Foals, Bloc Party and the likes, they're rapidly making a name for themselves and rightly so.

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