Sunday, 19 June 2011

Magical music

Guys oh guys. I am a man-mess.
I was on a stag-do. The first one I've been on and what can I say? Great fun but hopefully my friends don't get married too often because the body just can't take this anymore.
I just got up and here's how I'm feeling:

If I had any muscles, they'd be in torturous agony.
My throat is harsh like there's a regiment of Lothern sea guards (I'm pretty confident that it's now officially cool and totally post-ironic to use Warhammer references) marching the perimeters.
My head, darn, my head is a blank void. The above drivel has taken me 2 spaced-out hours to write and the quality of writing just isn't going to get better, so without further ado let's say hello to some of the stuff I've been listening to this week.

Future Islands dropped their new single Before the Bridge (mp3). Which is getting a release on Thrill Jockey as a limited edition 7". It follows up In Evening Air which has gone down as one of my favourite albums of last year. This guy's unique voice is instantly recognizable and it's, I guess, one you'll either love or hate.

Cold Specks are being all secretive and that. Either they're using aliases because they "want people to focus on the music or whatever blah blah blah", OR Cold Specks are all criminals wanted for various heinous crimes. Whoever goes by the name Al Spx is possibly wanted for chewing gum in Singapore and O Cromwell maybe got done for talking on the phone whilst driving. Whether or not we'll ever find out who these people are, what we do know is that the song Holland is fantastic.

Holland by Cold Specks

Silver Wren's new track Estranger is a wonderfully hushed and relaxed piece. Driven along by a lovely Fleet Foxes-esque guitar pattern the vocal parts are very much "reverbed bedroom producer" but with well-fitting harmonized elements. Somehow Estranger is making me think of a lo-fi Josh Rouse.

Estranger by Silver Wren

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