Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Back from Juhannus, just about

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This picture embodies my midsummer/juhannus. Fair enough I'm neither of the guys in the picture but still, the warmth of togetherness as we walk towards the tranquil sea on our way to share our mutual love for the warmth of togetherness is pretty obvious here. Something I'd only trade for a bit of money and a slice of pizza.
The can of cheap beer held ever so gently represents the flowing liquid-esque mobility of our love for each other. Come what may, we'll swish and swirl our way back to each other, unless you're Moses and then we're fucked.

The two onlookers in the background are quite visibly jealous of what we have. Why shouldn't they be? What we have baby is magical. What we have baby is some real Harry Potter-shit.

This is Juhannus.

Anyway, eyes to the future ya.
I'm heading of to Poland for some business soon so yet again I'm going to abandon ship for a while, but before I do that let's have some good old musical times.
Starting with some picks from our midsummer playlist.

I am completely obsessed with this band/song.

Window by PVT

I could also listen to I Look to You by Miami Horror all day and on Saturday almost did.

I Look To You by Miami Horror (Official)


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