Thursday, 9 June 2011

Laurel Halo

Anyone who's been with me on the magical AndygoesdowntoChinatown journey for a while now will remember Laurel Halo (if you don't remember then refresh your memory) and her brand of dark theatrical electronica.

Well a good year onwards and she's, if not completely, reinvented her style of music for her upcoming EP Hour Logic. Embracing a much more patient minimal approach than on her King Felix EP. Whereas Laurel's voice was a key driving factor on King Felix, some of her newer material hardly even feature vocals, instead letting the synths create the subtle floating soundscapes.

I mean if you wanted to you could describe a couple of her new track as minimal house. Never a bad thing. So hey, Laurel you go girl!

Listen to the title track Hour Logic or stream the entire EP (via Altered Zones)

Laurel Halo: "Hour Logic"

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