Monday, 13 June 2011

Crystaly Castlesies tonight

There's only one thing I can post about today and that is Crystal Castles. It's almost three years since I last saw them and tonight that's about to change.

The venue (Helsinki's The Circus) is new and strange, I don't have very strong emotional ties with their second album, it's Monday and it's raining. But other than that I should probably stop complaining.

2008's gig has gone down as possibly the best gig I've been to. It had it all, the three S's:
Suspense (do they turn up or not?)
Sweat (by far the hottest, sweatiest and smelliest gig)
Sex (I supported the crowdsurfing Alice that night so there we go, close enough)

I'm expecting something equally magical this time around.


Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating by Crystal Castles

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