Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Everyone, I need your help

Hello, I'm about to reveal a secret that not everyone knows. Yet.
I have an alter-ego. Yes that's right, as well as being this super awesome music blog guy, I also do normal day-to-day stuff.
During the summer that involves taking part in the runnings of the family business: a quaint little local shop in the countryside for local people. This is all fine and nice but I've just got the tinyest beef with what tunes the matriarch wants to plays in the café. All day, every day we listen to Radio Nova. It's what I like to call the parent-friendly, grand-parent friendy and great-grandparent friendly radio station. Not Thomas-friendly though.

Today, through the seemingly endless torrent of Laura Pausinis and Eros Ramazottis and Bruno Marses (how did this guy get so big?) I caught an advert saying that the top-200 most voted songs will be played on Radio Nova on midsummer's day ie. Saturday ie. the day i'll be really flipping hungover. So I want everyone here to make my day just that tiny bit easier and vote for something I want to listen to. How does that sound ladies and gents?

All we have to do is head over to

IT'S EASY! We can do this.
The only bits that need filling are the two first boxes:
Nimi: Your name
and the bit where it says: "Ehdota omaa suosikkia" you type in, um, I don't know how about, Gang Gang Dance - Mindkilla seeing as that's where we left off yesterday
and then just press 'Lähetä'

Brilliant. Thank you!
Everybody have a Gang Gang Dancey midsummer


  1. Done and done. Consider yourself helped.

  2. Done! This was my good deed of the day.

  3. Yes yes yes, little mindkilla for parent-friendly people

  4. Thanks for your support peeps! I'm sure that together we pulled this off...
    You're all magical.


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