Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Band of the day: Lorena B

Lorena B are quite easily the best thing I've heard from Israel. Not exactly hard to do seeing as Gene Simmons is the only other music related Israeli I can think of. Regardless of this they carry their weight incredibly well.

Think post-rock with soft electronic touches and add lead singer Adi Ulmansky's gorgeous almost hushed voice and you end up with something sounding oddly Scandinavian with bands like Husky Rescue and Kemopetrol not too far off.

Their first single Swallow My Gum is doing the rounds on MTV Israel and this is what it sounds/looks like.

Its 'sequel' Swallow My Gum 2 is a free download from
where you can also stream the entire Siblings album.

Lorena B - Swallow my Gum 2 by AndygoesdowntoChinatown

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  1. If you really dug Lorena B, you might enjoy this one:



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