Thursday, 23 June 2011

Gold Panda - MPB

I keep repeating myself saying that "This-or-that artist, whose album this-or-that from last year was MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE album of the year, has now released a new track."
The way things are going it seems I've got loads of favourite albums of last year and they're all releasing new tunes.
Seeing as I didn't do an end of the year top-list you'll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway here I go again: Gold Panda whose album Lucky Shiner from last year was (one of) MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE album(s) of the year, has now released a new track MPB (mp3).

MPB by Gold Panda

MPB is basically just Gold Panda giving a xylophone a good hiding backed with a banging beat. Simple, but with astonishing results when done properly.

And just for good measure let's post his remix of Lykke Li's Sadness is Blessing, just because it's ace. Oh and because as everyone obviously knows, sadness IS a blessing.

Lykke Li: Sadness Is A Blessing (Gold Panda Remix) by Gold Panda

Alas I shall be leaving you wonderful readers for a few days as it's midsummer in Finland and midsummer over here is yet another great reason to get completely shit-faced for three days (like you need an excuse). So in true Finnish spirit I'm either going to pass out in a sauna and wither away, crash my non-existant car into a moose or simply drown after trying to piss over the side of a boat. Looking at statistics it seems like whatever I do, I'll probably die.

So hey! Happy midsummer people.

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