Thursday, 27 May 2010

My little breakdown of my little trip. Part 4

Last text of this damn saga. I don't know why I go on these trips.

At the Duke of York cinema, there was a triple bill of: Melodica, Melody & Me, Erland & The Carnival and Esben & The Witch.

None of which I'd seen before and two of which I'd heard of before.

Melodica, Melody & Me are a young little twee sextet. They all looked kinda nervy on stage, but once they started playing their melodica (surprise) centered songs, they shook off all notions of nervousness.

You can download their great cover of Paul Simon's 'Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes' from here.

Download the song fool

Next was Erland & The Carnival. Oddly there were no goats, goatmasks or goatees to be seen anywhere. I don't think I've ever seen anything to do with E&theC without there being some kind of goat theme to it.

The band seemed to be well indulged in their set, but I'm guessing something went awry, as Erland the singer chucked his microphone on the floor and stormed off at the end of the last song. Awesome stuff. I was half expecting something more. Catfight/goatfight/fight in general. But no. Turns out it was just a sulk.

It was Esben & the Witch to end the night. After lots of intensive listening, I'd prioritised this as the artist to see. They're from Brighton, they're dark and they're shit hot.

I felt really let down after the gig. It was ruined by sound/technical problems throughout. Ha, the funniest bit was probably the guitarist struggling to get any sound out of his guitar until the soundguy pointed out that he should turn his amp on. Does the trick. They were loud, odd and reclusive. Fine combo. They didn't manage to wake up the two asian girls next to me though, who apparently didn't really "dig" Erland and the Carnival.

Thanks Great Escape! It was mighty fine, see ya next year then!


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