Thursday, 6 May 2010

Coma Cinema

Welcome welcome.

Todays entry is about Coma Cinema.

Whereas a lot of my posts have been quite heavy on the "chillwave"/lo-fi vibes, these guys have a more universal sound to their tunes.

Sometimes reminding me a lot of one of my favourite bands Curly hair, Coma Cinema are a lovely jubbly bunch of twee-melody making musical types.

Be it airy synths, pianos, plucked guitars, distorted guitars, vocal harmonies or anything, they manage to ooze a certain gorgeousness.
I wish I was John Cusack so I could make proper casette mixtapes. If I was John Cusack living in the now, I'd make sure Tall Grass was casette-ed.
Then again if I was John Cusack, I'd also have been in 2012 and witnessed the world being destroyed so what's the point in music anyway.

I love legal mp3s so yet again imagine my joy upon noticing Coma Cinema giving away their Baby Prayers album on their website. Yay!

Coma Cinema website

and here's a youtube video for Flower Pills. A lovely little piano driven mini-ballad (1:36min) found on Baby Prayers.

Their second album Stoned Alone is out 1st. June on Arcade Sound Ltd.
Arcade sound have got some tiptop acts on their roster so keep your eyes peeled here there and everywhere for other releases.

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