Monday, 24 May 2010

My little breakdown of my little trip. Part 1

Hello! This is me making my spectacular return to blog-writing after over 1 whole week!

Oh I do envy you few lucky readers who shall witness the resurrection of AndygoesdowntoChinatown. It shall be grand, it shall be amazing, it shall just basically be me doing more of the same as I used to do before this hiatus, ie. write about interesting bands in an uninteresting kind of way.

So where to start the renaissance? Me thinks a breakdown of my Great Escape experience could be the appropriate way. Me tooks a few pictures while I was there, but had some technical difficulties with memory cards and computers and shit. Thankfully I've got a warm and loving flatmate (K) who generously allowed me to use his computer system to make things workygood.

I'ma gonna have to write this in parts as to not flood everyones brains with too many words in one go. So here goes part I.

Aight so we landed at Gatwick airport on a lovely (warm?) Thursday night. Whilst we were busy landing and getting our bags, the Great Escape had already started and was probably already going full steam ahead. Of course we missed the entire first day of the festival as flights were roughly a thousand pounds dearer if one were to fly on any other day of the year than that specific Thursday. Of well, my biggest loss was perhaps Surfer Blood. They are however playing at Flow Festival so shit ain't all bad.

I'm not going into other details about the trip other than the musiqué, so no talks of how cool the family seeing stuff was. (It was.)
So it's Friday and me and the missus are itching to see some bands. After rigorous scheduling I decided (not her) what to see. So the plan was: 19.45 Best Coast and 23.00 Wild Beasts. Not much of a plan, but everything inbetween would just play out on its own.

So 19.45 on the Palace Pier in Horatio's (chavvy says my old man) it was time for Best Coast. Good. Ace. Brilliant. Front row? Most def. This is what it looked like from a lens that was relatively close to my actual eyes.

Best Coast have an great sound on their recordings which also shone through their live performance. This was a great way to start the weekend. One thing I had to note was that they are an odd looking bunch though. Lead guitarist was definitely looking more J-thrash. Also we noted a certain Darwin Deez watching the same gig right behind us. It's no lie, the guy must be about 3 metres tall. Darwin was set to play his own gig right after Best Coast at a different venue (Digital). The missus wanted to see him, and I felt like I had no say in the matter, even though the awesome Warpaint were supposed to take the stage right after Best Coast, right in Horatio's. So we left for Digital.

Rookie mistake.

The queue was a proper f**k off queue resulting in us not actually getting in to see Darwin. And also in us not seeing Warpaint either.
Not to fret. Let's go somewhere else then. "Ooh, the Morning Benders are playing at Hector's House soon, how about we go there?"
We went there.

One thing about the Great Escape that annoyed me was the delegate ticket system. If you pay extra you get a delegate pass, which acts as a VIP "skip the queue" ticket. As the delegates got entrance priority, we ended up feeling stranded. At Hectors House the delegate's queue was about 20 people strong. Us two were the only people in the "normal people" queue. Because of the popularity of most places they had a 1-out 1-in policy. By all logic we should have never got in, but thankfully the bouncers were nice guys and took us in. Much appreciated. Got to see most of the Rural Alberta Advantage's (who were playing before Morning Benders) set which was an added bonus!

RRA were amazing. So good in fact that we saw them again the next day.

Next up were the Morning Benders. "No wait! who are these two pretenders?"

"Oh, Morning Benders cancelled and replaced by London electro-pop duo The Bang Bang Club."
BBC start up their set by pressing play on the laptop and fair enough they do have a good sound to them. And holymoly if this duo wasn't the best looking duo of men to ever grace any stage. If I'd have been wearing women's knickers, I'd have thrown them on that stage. Alas. T'was not to be.
All was good until the Justin Bieber-esque "fist pounding my heart, to say how much I love you" and "arms reaching out to grab thin air, to say how much I love you" actions kicked in. Hmm, they made me giggle. So did the last song they played: 'Chemistry'.

In the words of Morissey:
"Stop me, oh stop me if you think you've heard this one before"

Yeah well this was part I of I don't know how many. Thanks for reading. Great to be back


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