Friday, 7 May 2010

Mickey Mickey Rourke

Remixes aside I wanted to write about new stuff I'd been listening to.
So that's what I'll do.

With a name as magnificent as Mickey Mickey Rourke, your music wouldn't even really matter. However upon listening to it, the music matters a whole lot more.

MMR is the solo project of that shady character know cryptically as MLR. The letters could have some totally other-wordly meaning, but now judging by his e-mails, they could just be letters from his name. By solo project I'm guessing he's taking time off from Neon Navajo (where he's also a bit cryptic/mysterious, opting to wear a green mask whilst performing).

N//N are a very glitchy dance punk outfit and it seems that upon embarking on the solo journey, MLR has just wanted to peace the fuck out.
Because peaced the fuck out these tunes are indeed. Dreamy and ethereal, his album Festival Bummer (great name) is the complete opposite of "a banger".
So the next time you're stressing your nuts off about life and shit. Just put the kettle on, sit down and get down with some of Mickey Mickey Rourke's finest.

Mickey Mickey Rourke - Festival Bummer

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