Friday, 28 May 2010

Sauna Youth

I'm not "punk". I never was "punk". I probably never will be "punk".
I fear all the things I associate with punk: Piercings, mostly shit tattoos, poignant hair and loud noises.

But I kind of remember my kid sister buying like the entire Sex Pistols discography when she was about 2, and since then I've been on a gradual journey towards being a wide-eyed, open-minded individual. Sometimes I'm even in cohorts with the "hardcore" punkers. Blimey am I terrified of those times though.

Browsing through Resident's shelves the other week Sauna Youth's 7" Youth came highly recommended. Being easily influenced I just lapped it up and stuck it in my bag without further questions. In my bag, or thereabouts it lay until just yesterday I spun that tiny vinyl like no other vinyl has been spun before.

It's a cracking little gem. People should just recommend more stuff to me without my asking questions. It's raw, it's rough. The lyrics are at best indecipherable. Energy is one thing it doesn't lack. Even if I'm not "down with" the punk ethos, can I at least be down with the musiqué. Is that allowed?

There's been a lot of hipster-bashing going on around the place recently, and one thing these bashers always bash is the dancing. Ha, oh the dancing. I wish I could dance. I wish I could be like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing.
Unfortunately it looks a lot more like this:

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