Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My little breakdown of my little trip. Part 3

I need to quicken these posts up, or else I'll be writing these forever.
Ok so it's Saturday morning, and as my other half hasn't really seen Brighton yet, we decide to walk around town, around the lanes and just, you know, see what it's like.
Walking around the lanes we felt they were alive with the sound of music.
They weren't. What was alive/live was Frontier Ruckus playing a street gig at a random spot in front of a kebab shop.

Frontier Ruckus were a familiar name, but like with some people you meet on the street who's face you recognise but can't quite pinpoint where from or why, their music didn't sound too familiar.
This meant I could listen to them with a new sense of open-mindedness. Whilst also eating with a new sense of open-mindedness. My burger from the kebab shop seemed to be filled with crusty snot instead the usual cheese and beef.
That's right. I had no arrogant, pretentious comments on "ooh how that tambourine is so totally mixed to the wrong volume in comparison to that saw."
Yeah, they played the saw! The saw! I urge you to check out the above photo to see how happy the saw player looks to be playing the saw.
Saw + banjo + makeshift drums + harmonica = a very good performance and hey they got a new fan out of me.

On to the actual Great Escape gigs then. Saturday's plan was to stay in one venue to see The Rural Alberta Advantage (again), La Shark and Is Tropical and then mosey on down to the next place to catch Erland and the Carnival and Esben and the Witch. This all went exactly as I had masterminded it. Brilliant.

RAA were yet again amazing. Quickly growing to list high on my favourite live performances ever. For their last song they just waded into the crowd and played it there stood in the midst of everyone.

La Shark hit the stage. If you haven't yet listened to them, then I suggest you do so. If for no other reason, then just to say that you have and you didn't/did like them.

Described as "Late of the Pier-esque quirkyness", these guys definitely looked the part. Their live show was mega energetic, with their flamboyant lead singer often just jumping off stage and dancing with various audience members whilst swigging on some cheap whiskey.
Then the switcheroony. Various audience members jumping on the stage and dancing with the flamboyant singer whilst drinking cheap whiskey.

The last band to play at the Price Albert was Is Tropical. I was really looking forward to these guys and they didn't disappoint. By the time they started playing though, the tiny little room the bands were playing in was roasting hot. Everyone started huddling under the tiny fan at the back of the room. Is Tropical bursted onto the stage with a barrage of pounding beats, thumping basslines and facemasks.

No photos here but just the assurance that Is Tropical are a force to be reckoned with.

The (hopefully) final part of this report will be done soon. My apologies for dragging this on for so long.


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