Sunday, 9 May 2010


Happy Mother's day (Finnish), Mum. If you're reading this then listen to this:


Mum'll probably hate BRONZE but who cares about their mother's musical opinion?
Obviously what matters the most is that BRONZE are rocking my socks off with their 5-song s/t EP. With beats very much in the same category of goodness with Delphic, BRONZE do kind of remind me of a "rockier" "guitar-ier" (Now I've started to describe bands with made-up words. Great)version of said Mancs.

Give it a go. Hopefully you're not like my mum, and you like these guys. Because then it makes us like so totally alike. We could even be super compatible on and shit.

<a href="">Horses by BRONZE</a>

If listening to that brought about good moments, then I'd suggest downloading the EP for 0€.


Nice. I'm nearly done here for today, but what would be a post without a Youtube video or two?

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