Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My little breakdown of my little trip. Part 2

Yesterday I left you "hanging" as to what happened after the cheesy lyrics/singing/hand gestures of Bang Bang Club.

As I told yous before, the plan was to see Wild Beasts at 23.30 at the Royal Pavillion. As it was still over an hour till the gig started we thought we were spoilt for time. Basically we should have been laughing. The band before WB was Fiery Furnaces. Who in their right mind wants to see The Fiery Furnaces? That of course was sarcasm. Everyone wants to see The Fiery Furnaces. In fact more people than everyone wanted to see them. The queue to get in extended to 'ooh about Rottingdean' (that's like a total exaggeration, but the queue was very lengthy). As to not spoil our entire night waiting for something that was not to be, a lovely nice little lady who apparently worked at the Pavillion Theatre told that we basically were never going to get in. Bummer. Well thanks for the info nice little lady. We thus jumped out of the queue and headed straight round the corner for the Corn Exchange where Everything Everything and Delphic were about to start soon.

Delphic of course are a band that play gigs at local pubs, but only because they're mates with the DJ and Everything Everything are a band with no hype whatsoever that usually play at children's birthday parties slotted between Bumbo the clown and Ally the Alligator.
This meant there was no queue to get in. None at all. Brilliant, we just walked in, got beer and walked(not pushed) our way to the front.

Everything Everything took the stage and they took it well. Yes indeed. Causing me to sing 'Sufragette Sufragette's' chorus wrong for the rest of the week.

I don't think they should be singing
-Who's gonna sit on your face when I'm gone. Who'sa gonna sit on your face when I'm not there?
and I don't think I should be singing that on a packed train. Seems a bit rude.

Not the best pic I know but.. Well I haven't got any excuses. Sorry.

After EE it was time for Delphic. I missed these boys a couple of years ago, when they supported Bloc Party in Helsinki. Missing them was completely unintentional and I blame it on the complicated public transportation system in Helsinki.
This time I WOULD NOT MISS THEM. Well now that I was there anyway.

Delphic played most of the awesome Acolyte not stopping for a moment. In fact the most impressive thing about their live set was the bit inbetween the songs where all the band memebers just jammed and "messed about" with their instruments to create almighty transitions between songs. I have a feeling that seeing Delphic a couple of years ago wouldn't have been as fulfilling, as I reckon that sort of musicianship only comes from years of playing together. Anyway, what they created was gobsmacking.

Delphic was the last gig of the night. Off we traipsed to our (long story cut short) 7 star hotel on the seafront.

Part 3 will follow soon.


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