Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hot like fondue cheese

Happy Sunday everyone.

So today is 31.1.2010 and everyone knows what that means...
If you feel like you don't belong in the classification of everyone then I'll tell ya.
As tomorrow is the first day of February, it means that all those strong-willed folks who have given up the drink for the past month can safely go back to their binge-drinking liver-crippling ways without enduring the ridicule of the people who "told you so". I didn't take part in any of this nonsense but a good friend of mine did. Whilst watching a bit of football yesterday he let a couple of beers slip down his throut. And by my multiple checks of the calendar, yesterday was still January. So here goes


Now that that's out of the way I can finally tell everyone about my fixation on 'Local Natives'
I hope and think these LA boys are going to properly "do the thang" this year. Their debut album 'Gorilla Manor' already out here in Europe is just a bit of perfection! I saw they were doing a huge tour as well but obviously leaving out Finland. Obviously. I hate it when that shit happens.

Anyway, my local record shop '8 raita' sold out of the 'Gorilla Manor' CD+DVD virtually straight away, but the vinyl release should be there soon so I'm just waiting for that.

The whole record is just so damn catchy and good I'm gonna put my fist down and recommend this to everyone in the world. Even babies.

Take 'Airplanes' for example! When the chorus kicks in, it does actually sound like he really "wants you back" and i've been humming/singing that in my head/out loud for ages now.

'Warning Signs' is a cover version of the 'Talking heads' song and this is where the bands 'Fleet Foxes' comparisons are the most audible. Mainly due to the three-piece vocal harmonies they've got going on.

'Shapeshifter' however veers slightly unnervingly in the 'Embrace' direction but all in all I äm luvink this musik mooch ya!

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