Sunday, 10 January 2010

Woe is you and me

Aaah pooey poo.

It's back to uni tomorrow. Feeling lazy. Want to stay home.
Trying my best to learn the what the hell proanthocyanidins are and why I need to write 20 pages on them. Damndamndamn.

Oh well I've got the perfect soundtrack "for the learning process"
I'll trademark it as:

'The-T-bone-not-knowin-very-much-about-garage-rock-but-still-very-much-liking-it-and-hoping-it'll-inspire-me-to-sort-out-my-bachelors-thesis' soundtrack.

Whilst trawling the endless depths of t'internet. I stumbled across these young fellas from Austin, Texas. Y'all can call them 'The Strange Boys'
On their Myspace they've only got one track called Be Brave. Decent.
BUT check out spotify for the whole debut record 'The Strange Boys and Girls club'
It's good. Here's the video for Woe is you and me.

This made me go back to all my old faves.
Aaah yes Cage the Elephant - s/t album was my pick of the year for 2008.
This is THE song. Click on this for instant love.

There was a point where I just used to borrow heaps and heaps of cd's from the library and ended up getting fined because I just found it impossible to return Black Lips - Let it Bloom. (Little did I realise I could just extend the loan)

Going a bit less Garage-rock I really really like the Alberta Cross album Broken side of time, especially 'Song Three Blues'. A Bit like I like early Kings of Leon. You know before they went all 'Sex on Fire' on me. Play me 'Talihina Sky' and I'll make you my lovepet.

On the subject of Alberta I'm also loving 'Rural Alberta Advantage' aah <3<3
Tell you what. Anyone play me these as well and i'll still make you my lovepet.

I can tell you what I do know about Proanthocyanidins so far. Get loads of them in ya and you'll possibly live forever. I'm guessing that all Christopher Lambert used to eat on the Scottish highlands were berries and all he drank was green tea with lemon.

Toodles for now.

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