Sunday, 17 January 2010

Laura Veirs

Good day to all.

You know that feeling when you walk past a record shop and you just can't go past without having a cheeky look at what they've got?

That happens constantly but this this time was just silly:

A) I ain't got no money baby

B) I ain't got a working record player

Anyway I treated myself to Animal Collective's Fall be Kind
and Neon Indians' Psychic Chasms

While I've listened to the whole Neon Indian before from various sources, all of the Animal Collective tunes are new to me. Not being able to play the record I'm relying on the mp3 download that came with it. Stupid stupid man.

It sounds like my computer is dying on me. Making exorcist-type noises and freaking me out. Not least because this is what I'm supposed to write my Bachelors' thesis on. Shiiit. But while it's still going, I've been listening to Laura Veirs' new album July Flame on good old spotify and the the title track is my 'song of 2010' so far. Ah when the choir and strings kick in at the end it's just hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric stuff. Bringing me back to my Beth Orton fanboy years but without the trip-hop experiments.

Here's Beth singing one of my faves:

Laura Veirs isn't new on the scene by any means, having released Year of Meteors in 2005 and Saltbreakers in 2007 but I've got to say that this is the first I've heard of her but I'm instantly hooked! hot damn.

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