Monday, 11 January 2010

It's ON!

Jumping hot fishcakes splashing out from a boiling pan I SAY!

There I am thinking I'm the only Byrne to be doing the oh-so-original-music-blogging-thing when I find out my kid cousin is on to it too, writing on pinapple toast about what be going down in hipster London/St Albans. OMG!

What next? My dad posting photos on flickr of him dancing the night away at a Justice gig. Mum on facebook?! (oh hang on wait...)

But that's all cool. I was just wondering how I could possibly have anything more to offer the blogosphere from over here in Finland... But that's exactly it: Finland. Whoohyeah.

So it's time for a bit of plugging my mate Markus Perttula. He's known around Turku as 'The Voice'.
Maybe. I made that up, but check out el myspaceo and make your own mind up. He's recently featured on the album 'Syvissä Vesissä' doing a cover of CMX - Vallat & Väet. As musical influences go, you could do a lot worse than Jeff Buckley, Muse and The Maccabees and these are audible in abundance in his songs. Lovely stuff. Even a really nice guy as well. Imagine THAT!

This could be the spotify link to Syvissä Vesissä

and this should be The Gypsy Kings - Bamboleo

So Mr. Pineapple Toast man you can see all the gigs you want, but I'll always have spotify and Jonathan.

T-bone gotta bust a move now.
C ya laterz alligatorz

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