Thursday, 28 January 2010

Open your eyes pumpkin head!

What's up? What's new?

Guess what?! I finally got up off my stinking bum and moseyed on down to the moving pictures for the visual treat that is 'Where the Wild Things Are'
I haven't been to the pictures in donkey's years and it felt just right to back again sitting in a dark room full of strangers.

About the film itself?

Gorgeous! It was very easy on the eye with beautiful landscape shots and the film constantly played with my emotions. One minute you're sat there with a huge grin on your face or laughing out loud and the next thing you know you're left feeling horrified and claustrofobic.

The kid 'Max' who played 'Max' the main character was also amazing for such a young lad. Projecting his emotions so well into the scenes. Well that's what I thought anyway... Although I guess it's easier to act when your character has the same name as your "real name". Maybe he was even just being himself and the whole film was a documentary in the style of 'Grizzly Man' but ultimately he doesn't get eaten by Tony Soprano in a crazy costume.

Much has been said about a certain Karen O penning the soundtrack for the film and honestly that was the main reason I was anticipating this so much.
Karen's vocals seemed to mostly consist of feline-like yelps but that was totally fine by me and all the way through the film the music not only complimented the film but also drove it on. The score had lots of childish elements aided by the kid choir in the background which helped in portrayed the Max's feelings to the viewer.

Where the Wild Things Are reduced the group behind me to a collective of blubbering wrecks. And it was, in fact, that moving, but because I'm a real man I don't shed tears for no shit. Fool.
Best film I've seen all year.

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