Friday, 15 January 2010

I <3 MEN

That's right you heard me. I'm shouting it out load: "I LOVE MEN"

MEN of course being a 'supergroup' from Brooklyn consisting of 2/3 of Le Tigres line up. Well used to be 2/3 but now Johanna Fateman's had a baby she's left the band so now it's just JD Samson from Le Tigre. Oh well. MEN features other band members from Hirsute, Princess and Ladybug Transistor. Cool.

Le Tigre
are/were of course one of my favourite bands of all time without me ever really getting into their political-sexual feminist lyrics. For me it wasn't what they were saying but how it was said. In the same way the majority of finns love Rammstein and I'll be damned if most people I grew with in Sauvo were adequately adept in German.

This being one of the greatest songs EVER. Prompting a cracking remix from the boys at DFA.

So MEN then! Imagine Dragonette eating up New Young Pony Club then getting set on fire by LCD Soundsystem. That's how I'll describe it. And that's how much I like it. Not actually having a record deal they've released a four song ep themselves but according to Myspace they've all sold out. BOO!

Credit Card Babies is all about how expensive it is to have a baby as gay parents. Not had first hand experience on this but i'll still appreciate the fact that it's a banging tune.

Holy guacamole!

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