Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Now that it's 2010 I thought it appropriate to exclusively write on here:

Tommy's definitive top 3 favourite words of 2009!!

#3 Pandemonium

#2 Audacious

#1 Perkele

And without further explaining "why those words?" or "why that order?" for #2&3 i'll just jump straight to Perkele.

Without doubt the coolest word ever, no? It's finnish and I guess a translation could be Satan but that's already got a boring version in finnish: Saatana
Basically Perkele is what proper finnish proper men say. It's dying out with this new breed of what I call 'saatana-finns'. YOU HEAR THAT FINLAND? KEEP PERKELE ALIVE!

Something a real man might say (I'm only guessing here): Perkele ku tos perkeleen Siwas ei perkele myydä perkeleen kossua.

(translation) Satan, that satanic local shop doesn't satan sell satanic Koskenkorva.

Sounds manly!

So today I got my tinyteeny man hands on the new Vampire Weekend album Contra.

Icecoolsnowbreeze cool.
I gave it a little spin as many times as I had time to... Sounds clever.. but ya eniveis the song 'California English' starts up and my reaction is "PERKELE! It sounds sorta Vampire Weekendy familiar, you know, just the way I like it. But it feels like Ezra has mutated into some sort of freaky, floppy-haired, indie Akon-a-like."

My point being the whole auto-tune vocal effect on his voice all throughout the song.
Auto-tune seems to be the hottest thing ever with practically everyone in R'n'B doing it and even Ra Ra Riot-Wes/Vampire Weekend-Rostam sideproject Discovery jumping on the bandwagon. So could Vampire Weekend have just left it there?

Personally I'm usually all for effects but seriously can I just hear an honest opinion on WHY that vocal effect could ever sound good?

I blame Cher and this:


But ya otherwise very much still liking Vampire Weekend. Must not let auto-tune hatred ruin whole album for me. Diplomats Son sounds really really good with it's MIA sample.Surely this won't be forgotten by summer because it's definitely a summer record.

Here's White Sky. It is Vampire Weekend so it's good. Duh!

Oh and one more thing. Here's Cher when she was still good:

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