Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ooh aren't you a pretty one?

Should being called a "beautiful man" or a "handsome woman" be taken as a compliment?

Should 'handsome' and 'beautiful' be gender-specific descriptions?

Is the fashion industry's brand of marketed beauty ruining the kids of the world?

What words would you use to describe a worryingly attractive ladyboy?

Should everyone just use words like 'fit' and 'buff' instead of proper words?

Well my weekend was funky. How was yours?

Wayne Rooney being a bit of a demi-god netting 4 goals was nice. Serving beer to intoxicant-thirsty hibernophiles was relatively painless and at certain points even fulfilling. Getting a face full of flirt from various elderly ladyfolk was awkward. Hence the 5 ponderous questions at the beginning of the text.

"Is this going anywhere?" You might ask.
"Not really" I might answer.

I have however had time for musiqué too! So I've got a couple of posts coming up in the next few days about some nice stuff of 2010. whooh!

I'll start off with Woozy Viper.

If you like your rock 'n' roll served with a touch of laid-back bluesy acoustic guitar, (like I do) then these bro's will do very nicely. I can officially use the word 'bro' without sounding like some sort of hybrid finn/brit quasi-surfbro because the duo that is Luke and Mitch Meseke are in fact brothers. On Myspace you won't find much info about them though so I just let their music speak for itself.
The best thing is that they're giving their eponymous album away for free download here. Just realised while writing this and listening to them that they sort of remind me of an early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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