Monday, 21 November 2011

Hola baby, ciao.

False alarm. Turns out I wasn't virally infected. I just had some mad spyware shit going on. Like a virtual  renegade Daniel Craig working, like the crazy action hero superspy that he is, for penis enlargement companies all over the world. Anyway this problem should be resolved now so back to the important stuff.

Like what's been happening since I've been away?

Super stuff. Stuff you won't believe. Like I grew a moustache. You know for this "movember" thing that's happening.

It would seem that I don't have the age/genes/awesomess to grow a kick-ass moustache so I settled for the next best thing.

A shit moustache.

The kind of one that looks like I've been blowing that albino pyscho-killer from The Da Vinci Code and caught a whole load of his pubes on my upper lip. But hey, it's all for charity right? Well no not really because I didn't know how to get in on that whole charity/donation thing. I did make a little bit of money from my moustache though: From my mum, telling me to "buy a fucking razor" and to "stop blowing albino guys."

During my hiatus I also got asked to join Vice's blogger's network. You know Vice right? The Ace-est coolest magazine you get to pick up for free at your local record shop/other cool place. Yeah that one. They're starting up a Scandinavian site and are recruiting independent bloggers to be "ambassadors of VICE". What this supposedly means is that they'll send me info about various happenings and I get to write about them. Cool deal, no? So I had to think long and hard about joining VBN because what if it means compromising my style and uniqueness then I realised that I had neither of those and agreed to join their "little" network. So notice the VBN badge on the right hand side. FYI it means I'm cooler and quite possibly a much better person than you. Rock and roll, baby. Rock and roll.

I might post some actual music soon. Or maybe I'll start AndygoesdowntoChinatown up again as a fashion blog. Who knows. All I know is I'm part of VBN. Suck it bitches.

To end this post with a bang here's Vibelung's remix of StrangerS' Beneath the City.
I don't know who Vibelung is and I don't know who StrangerS are but someone sent me this hoping I'd listen to it and I did. Disco dancing time. Four to the floor and all that lark. Laterz.
(Be warned this is not chillwave or witchhouse or glitchhop or dronestep or anything that's in fashion. Just good old house music)

  StrangerS - Beneath The City (Vibelung Remix) by Vibelung


  1. I think it might be the Byrne genes that are harshing your moustache vibes. There are 8 year old girls with more facial hair than me :(

  2. lovin the da vinci code pubic hair analogue


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