Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Yes I've been away for what seems like forever. Sorry about that.
I can't stay for long though because that essay on cyclodextrins isn't going to write itself. Unfortunately.

"So what are the main developments since we last heard from you T-Bone?" you're all asking.

Here they are:

I downloaded Grimes' Halfaxa album for free from Arbutus Records and it's ace. Like the minimalist "post-dubstep" Lykke Li.

Grimes - Devon by Arbutus Records

Ok so the next major development is that The Dum Dum Girls AND Black Lips are playing in Turku in July. Holy crap! The kind of double bill that's sure to return some happiness that was sucked out of your life by the European Food Chemistry Conference XVI in Gdansk, Poland. That is if any of you "lucky" people are going...
They're playing Helsinki's Nosturi on Tuesday 12.7 and Turun Klubi the day after (13.7)

The next bit of ace news is that Hauschka's (who's playing at Flow this year) new album Salon Des Amateurs is wicked good. Making classical danceable music which is pretty much literally vibe-ing my pants off. "Ya, play ze music Mr. German piano man, ya."

First and foremost however, it's almost Great Escape time. I'm ready to escape great. Let's do this. Brighton town here I come baby (well, soon anyway)

This was almost an entirely pointless post. I just felt like I needed to get back on here and do my thing. I felt as though me and my baby AndygoesdowntoChinatown were growing apart. It's not you baby, it's me. I'm sorry. You need more attention? Ok, I'm gonna try. Sometimes you know it's just so hard. Sometimes it's just so hard to have you, Andy, and at the the same time be a healthy man with social contacts.

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